Speech bubbleWhy choose me?

I have 35 years' experience of low energy building and sustainable energy. I have over 25 years of providing strategy management and consultancy; formulating practical plans and policies; and delivering training and communication support in the pursuit of my clients' goals.

In the words of my clients...

My clients (which have included AECB, the UK government, major utilities throughout Europe, and the BBC) tell me I have "excellent communication and facilitation skills" and value my "creativity in the pursuit of practical solutions". I've also been called a "networker par excellence" – one of my key skills is knowing what's needed from whom, getting those people on board and getting the best out of them. In addition, other clients have said:

"Liz is a true champion for low energy building. Not only can she 'talk the talk' clearly articulating a compelling case, but also she 'walks the walk', being one of the earliest adopters of low energy living, with her own house giving her the authority to talk with real experience.

"Liz possesses the rare skill to make the compelling case for low energy buildings an achievable goal. From convincing a CEO of the business benefits, to training managers to understand the practicalities of how to get the job done, Liz speaks with passion, authority, and clarity."

David Saxby, Architect, 00:/ [zer'o zer'o]

"Liz has an approach to energy in buildings that is clear, rigorous and consistent. Her ability to keep a focus on the important issues is of enormous value when distractions are all around us, inviting us to be sidetracked. She also brings considerable personal skills to her work, being both challenging and constructive. She adds value to almost any serious attempt to improve our knowledge and performance."

John Walker, Chair of Green Gauge Trust
and Ex-Chair, Ecotowns Challenge Panel

"Liz has always impressed me with her commitment in the pursuit of low carbon buildings 'in use'. I admire her passion, skill and experience. That will make a real difference... to those that listen and learn!"

George Martin, Professor, Warwick University

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