Speech bubbleCommunicating low energy solutions
for the built environment

Low energy buildings are an imperative for their economic, environmental and social benefits. Meeting the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities requires expert understanding, practical experience and the drive and determination to make things happen. Liz provides that to policy-makers, developers, housing associations, contractors and more.

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Cover of the book How Much Energy Does Your Building UseNEW! How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?

Creating low-energy buildings does not involve learning rocket science. Just some basic building physics, a clear language for talking meaningfully about energy-efficient outcomes with all involved in the buildings cycle, and an outlook that casts a new low-energy perspective on old problems.

My new book, How Much Energy Does Your Building Use?, provides that common language. It outlines a path towards understanding what makes for a good quality low-energy building, the stakeholders that need to be engaged, and encourages new ways of thinking about how to reduce energy use and costs.

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Strategy and policy development

I love helping people create practical strategies and policies.

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I enjoy delivering high-octane training sessions that are imaginative and fun, and change people’s perspectives.

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Public speaking

I engage audiences in how to make aspirations for low energy buildings a reality.

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“Liz has always impressed me with her commitment in the pursuit of low carbon buildings 'in use'.”

George Martin, Professor, Warwick University